Thursday, April 13, 2006

Greetings to all my soon to be wealthy readers. I've been so busy the last several days making my money work for me that I have not had time to impart my wisdom to you. Therefore, for this update, I decided to outsource this blog entry to a highly trained Indian worker with years of experience you can't find in the United States. And with that I introduce to you Sandeep.

Thank you very much. With pleasure and helping attitudes I bring today many good advices to make money in American real estate homes. Like America many Indians are buying homes to make riches for their future. My cousin Rajeev has flipped many Hyderabad condos (the Beverly Hills of India). He's made so much money buying and selling homes that he's earned enough to buy a 5 room mansion in Calcutta. Life is good for Rajeev. What is Rajeev's secret? He can sign his own name. Renters with angry taunts are bellowing their questions as to what this means. Let me explain to renters. All it takes today to be rich is to be able to sign the loan papers. You not need smarts or education, although I have a masters degree in electrical engineering with an MBA, MCSE, and over 10 years experiencing in programming the java and .net for major American companies. No my Hindu friend, you need nothing but a pen and the ability to mark your name on the papers. Once you do that the money comes to you.

Now I need to speak to you on how to find homes which make money. This is easier than dipping poori in your khorma. You look at the address. If it is in California, buy it immediately. Don't worry if it is over 1000 rupees. You make money for living in paradise. If it isn't in California you still buy it immediately but not make as much money. You still live in lesser paradise which is good except for people living in paradise get confused sometimes.

Is there a housing bubble? There's an old Hindu proverb: "when a camel is at the foot of a mountain then judge of his height." The home prices are the camel and the economy is the mountain. We buy houses for only a few thousand American dollars but the mountain of economy is trillions of dollars. The camel can grow many bigger until it is bigger than the mountain. Right now we are riding a little camel. But soon it will be too big to get on unless you are already on another camel. Eventually if you not buy house the camel will loom large over you and you can't reach it. Even little camels will be gone. Big camels everywhere and nowhere for you to stand on.

As camels prove there is no housing bubble. Now we speak with clarity and briefness about how many homes to buy. Answer is all of them. You want to buy every home in America. It isn't possible to do this but make it your goal. When you buy home you already have equity coming every year. Think of Easter Bunny coming to visit. Every year he brings you chocolate eggs to eat. You don't do anything but rabbit still brings eggs, like clock working in sync with bunny. Your home does same thing. You don't do anything but equity still comes to you. You take equity and buy other homes. These homes bring more money. You keep going until you own every house in the country. Then you can talk to Rajeev about some undervalued condos in the Indian Riviera.

Also, my new American friend Buck wanted me to mention that he has many beautiful homes in the most wonderful place on earth, Southern California. He can put anyone in a home with many smiles and happiness to ensue. Financing is no problem. Habla espanol. Bad credit? No credit? Legally dead? No matter what you say he will say he can put you in a home. He has homes for all payment levels. No income needed. Please call, email, or speak to Buck to start your journey into becoming the next Donald Trump. He's waiting to make you millions.